Do the Next Best Thing
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Do the Next Best Thing

Imagine that you wake up and want to go to the gym, but you either can’t bring yourself to go or the gym is closed.

In this critical moment of how you start your day, you tend to either will yourself out of bed, put on your workout gear, and go to the gym – or you don’t go at all. You rarely consider other options.

But, instead of seeing this as a binary choice, you can explore other options of modifying your original approach. You could go to the gym and do half a workout instead of a full workout. You could do a couple of your favorite exercises or go for a run on the treadmill. Instead of going to the gym, you could also exercise by going for a run outside or at least by taking a walk outside.

You could do the next best thing.

To do the next best thing reliably, you should think about viable alternatives in advance. If you can’t come up with the next best thing during the critical moment of hesitation, chances are high that you take the easiest way – which almost always means not do something. So, think about different ways in which you can achieve the same goal – which in this case is to exercise. When the moment of hesitation inevitably happens, remind yourself that you have multiple options to do the next best thing and pick one.

This approach guarantees that you do something rather than nothing. Decide to do something instead of nothing often enough and watch the benefits of consistency compound.

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