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Hi, I'm Waldi!

I'm a writer from Germany with a deep fascination for human potential.

I used to waste my early 20s playing video games, chasing pleasure, and eating crappy food.

But, after a devastating breakup in 2015, I discovered self-improvement and changed my life.

I devoured books, podcasts, and lectures on psychology, philosophy, human nature, and many more topics. As a result, I quit video games overnight, worked out every day, and aced my liberal arts studies.

After successfully changing almost all aspects of my life for the better, I decided to share what I learned online in 2018.

Since then I've published hundreds of articles, thousands of social media posts, and helped hundreds of people to understand who they are, unlock their potential, and create their ideal futures — one even said I might have saved his life.

After 5 years, I still share my insights every Sunday in my newsletter.

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Additionally, I infrequently share my book notes, recommendations, and what I'm currently doing.

Finally, I'd love to say "hi!" on Twitter and (soon) Instagram. On there, I share daily nuggets of wisdom and would love to talk to you. So, drop me a DM and say "hi!"

Talk soon!

- Waldi

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