A public declaration of my priorities inspired by Derek Sivers.
What I'm doing, what I want to do and what I did recently.

It's Me Waldi

In 2023 I want to put some real work into this project:

  • Grow a community of like-minded people on Twitter to 2k+
  • Write and publish at least 20 new essays on this blog
  • Publish occasional book notes throughout the year
  • Systemize everything above in a seamless system that allows me to stay consistent

Update 15.04.23


To grow a community on Twitter I focused on two things:

  • A system that makes it easy to post multiple times a day
  • A tool to make scheduling content and engaging with people easy

I created a system for posting multiple times a day by burrowing heavily from Just Welsh's course ContentOS. I also chose Tweethunter to schedule these posts and engage with people on a regular basis. Both are great tools that I highly recommend if you want to grow an audience on Twitter or any other platform.

With the insights from Justin's course and the help of Tweethunter, I managed to post 3-5x a day almost without fail since January and engage with 15-30 posts a day on Twitter. They made a tremendous difference in helping people find my content and are probably the reason you're reading this right now.

Essay Writing

In regard to my essay writing, I had two problems to overcome:

Finding something that I am passionate to write about but that I can also build into something greater than a collection of disjointed essays.

When I reflected on what this could be, I recognized that I've used the same unconscious system to solve all of my problems in the last 6+ years. It's not based on a single 10-step plan, a book or someone else's philosophy but a combination of everything I've learned in my life.

I now plan to make this system fully conscious and write it out in detail because I'm convinced that if it helped me, it can help others. If you're interested in helping me flesh it out or take it for an early test run, write me a dm on Twitter.


I haven't taken good care of my physical health last year. This year I want to change this. I'm currently establishing the habit of taking a daily walk and plan to scale this up to going to the gym - maybe around June this year.

Update 15.04.23

Doing ok on this front. On a recent vacation, I walked an average of 10k steps a day and hiked for up to 10km. But overall, my consistency has been lacking and I'm still experimenting with different systems and approaches to exercise and fitness that work for me. No luck yet.


Currently, I work a 9-to-5 in marketing & sales at an IT company and teach online marketing on the side to pay the bills. I hope to make this project my full-time endeavor in the future.

Update 15.04.23

Can't talk about my 9-5 & and marketing job here due to NDAs, but the effort I put into "It's Me Waldi" this year so far and the positive resonance I've received make me hopeful for the future. If you want to support me for less than 0.17€/day to help me take this full-time click here.


Meditations: The Annotated Edition by Marcus Aurelius
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
Escape into Meaning by Evan Puschak
Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm
Lean Out by Tara Hanley
Evil by Roy Baumeister
Dune by Frank Herbert

Thanks for reading and being part of this community! :)

Last Update: 15.04.2023

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