"Follow Me!"
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"Follow Me!"

Who do you follow?

Chances are you follow people who lead by example.

You follow people who embody their values – who are a living example.

Living by example has the benefit that you live in harmony with your values.

This brings peace of mind and increases your feeling of self-respect and achievement.

It also means that you constantly check your values against reality. By being a living example, you can find out if the values that your actions are based on are values you want to embody. You can also make improvements and adjustments to your values, which will become more nuanced and refined.

If you want to live by example you first need to identify your values.

While you may already know some, the vast majority of them will be part of your unconscious. Once you’ve figured out what your values are you can act in accordance with them. You can live by example.

Yet, especially at the beginning, you can aid this process by writing your values down, regularly reviewing them, and refining them as necessary.

With enough practice you’ll be able to say:

“Follow me!”

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