How To Take Stock of Yourself
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How To Take Stock of Yourself

Taking stock of yourself is a tool to become more self-aware.

Self-awareness is important for understanding the reasons for your behavior.

You think you understand – but do you?

How often do you tell yourself what you want to do and fail to do it?
Why does this happen all the time?
You don’t know.

Your unconscious decides a lot of what you do. You think, act and live the most part of your life on autopilot. Habits, past-experiences, and cultural norms influence your life in ways you don’t fully understand.

One goal of taking stock of yourself is to become aware of your unconscious acts and thoughts. This way you can decide if you want to change something and if so how.

To take stock of yourself: detach, observe, record, evaluate and decide.

Detach. Pay attention to yourself, like you are watching someone else from the outside – as if you were a stranger.

Observe. Watch yourself over time and notice how you act and what you think. Notice why you act or think that way, but don’t judge yourself.

Record. Write down what you observe to arrive at an objective and accurate assessment of yourself.

Evaluate your assessment and understand the underlying reasons for your behaviors. You will find patterns, habits, and values that you were unaware of.

Decide what to do next. Double down on your strengths, end a bad habit or abandon a belief that no longer serves you.

Because this is a neverending process, you can improve ad infinitum.
Just be careful, not to lose yourself in this process and take action as a result of your decision.

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