If you stop...
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If you stop...

… you deteriorate.

There is a temptation of taking it easy once we’ve made progress. We think we can hit pause, take a break and pick up where we’ve left off.

More often than not, this is wrong.

While you can and should take short breaks, you should never stop making progress on what is most important to you for long.

If you stop, you…

… lose progress.
… forfeit future progress.
… make it harder to start again.
… develop poor habits.
… weaken your positive identity.
… make it more likely to miss a good opportunity.
… make it more likely to become sidetracked.

Invert for progress.

If you keep going, you…
… keep your progress.
… make further progress.
… make it easier to keep doing it.
… reinforce your most important habits.
… reinforce your positive identity.
… are ready to take advantage of opportunities.
… reduce the risk of sidetracking.

Keep going and stay on the Meaningful Path.

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