Maintenance Monday
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Maintenance Monday

Every time a non-urgent task comes up I open my calendar and schedule it for Monday.

Over the course of a week, my to-do list for Monday grows.

On Monday, I take a look at every task that I have scheduled and make a prioritized and time-efficient to-do list. Then I focus exclusively on taking care of these tasks one by one until I’ve completed all items on my list.

I do this for three reasons:

  1. I stay focused during the week.
    I don’t get slowed down or distracted by menial tasks and avoid time-consuming follow-up requests or additional tasks that originate from the first task.
  2. I keep my mind clear.
    I don’t have to remember ten tasks that I should or could do every day. I don’t forget tasks either, because everything is scheduled for Monday.
  3. Tasks don’t pile up.
    Because I execute on my to-do list every Monday I generally don’t have a massive to-do list.

When you live a meaningful life a Maintenance (Mon)day allows you to stay focused on what truly matters.

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