Make it Inviting
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Make it Inviting

If you make what you want to do inviting, you will do it more often.

Instead of working against the friction of certain tasks, you can reduce it, by making every task easy, inviting, and rewarding.

You can make something easy by preparing everything in advance. When the time to start comes, you have no friction. You can make it inviting by making the task as enjoyable as possible. Use high-quality gear, work in a beautiful environment and dress comfortably. You can make it rewarding by deciding how you will reward yourself after you have completed your task.

Let’s take a look at how you can make going to the gym inviting:

To make it easy, prepare your workout-gear in advance, so all you have to do is take your gym bag and go to the gym. To make it inviting, choose comfortable clothes, listen to your favorite music and do the exercises which you enjoy the most. To make it rewarding, decide beforehand to listen to your favorite podcast or read your favorite book when you are back.

By making what you do inviting, you not only increase the chance of doing a certain task but also increase the likelihood of doing this task again and forming a habit.

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