Modern Bread and Games
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Modern Bread and Games

In ancient Rome emperors tried to win the approval of the public with food and entertainment.

Today, this idea has evolved.

You are being addicted to food by the high amount of sugar in it, so you can’t stop eating it.
You are being addicted to the entertainment you consume by the way it is designed, so you can’t stop consuming it.
You are being addicted to comfort by the conveniences you have, so you try to avoid difficulty.

In contrast to ancient Rome, no emperor tries to win your approval. You decide to eat that food, consume that entertainment and avoid difficulty yourself.

You make these choices.

Thus, it’s your responsibility to resist these addictions.

If you don’t…
… the food you eat will make you fat, sick and live a shorter life.
… the entertainment you consume will make you waste your time.
… the comfort you seek will make you weak.

If you do…
… you’ll be fit, healthy and attractive.
… you’ll be productive, creative, and proud.
… you’ll be stronger, tougher, and better.

The modern challenge is to resist these addiction to live a better life.

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