Practice Common Sense
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Practice Common Sense

Our wealth of common sense fails to become common practice.
-Eric Greitens[1]

It has never been easier to acquire knowledge. Yet, this knowledge rarely becomes wisdom.

While knowledge means knowing, wisdom means doing – maybe even living.

We have unprecedented abilities and opportunities to learn. We can learn from the wise philosophers of Rome, the great rulers of centuries, and the present. But learning is often confused with acquiring and reproducing knowledge. This isn’t learning.

Learning has to lead to action. If we truly learn something, it affects our behavior, not just our thinking. But all too often learning starts in the brain and stops in the brain. We fail to apply our knowledge to life.

To apply it to life, we need to consciously practice what we want to learn. We need to stop gathering information and start applying knowledge. We need to start living what we know.

Our common sense has to become common practice.

  1. Eric Greitens, Resilience, p 4. ↩︎

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