True Wealth is Being in Good Health
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True Wealth is Being in Good Health

"A sick man only wants one thing; a healthy man wants a thousand things."
— Naval Ravikant

If you’re sick, you only want to become healthy again. It shows how important being healthy is.

If you’re not healthy, you can’t invest much time in becoming successful, learning new things, making money, or enjoying life. And even if you had achieved all these things, how much would you be able to enjoy them if you were sick?

Yet, we rarely prioritize staying or becoming healthy as much as we should in our daily lives.

Even high-achievers, by most conventional standards, don’t prioritize their health. That’s why you often see people with a lot of money being severely overweight, chronically short of breath, or suffering from many other health-related problems.

While society often portrays fame, having a lot of money, and building a successful business as wealth, real wealth might lie in something different: good health. Being in good health allows you to go after what you truly want and enjoy it thoroughly.

If you’re waking up with pain in the morning, can’t do whatever regular physical activity you want, or rely on drugs to get through the day, you’re not in good health.

So, make being in good health your number one priority:

Take stock of your health problems, research ways to fix them, or consult an expert, and then make fixing them your number one priority. And don’t forget, if you’re not having any major health problems right now but are living an unhealthy lifestyle, time is running out. So better change to a more healthy lifestyle before you suffer the consequences of an unhealthy one.

Remember, true wealth is being in good health.

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