Don't "Snooze" Life's Wake-Up Calls
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Don't "Snooze" Life's Wake-Up Calls

Life is full of wake-up calls.

The intense fights that precede a breakup. The weight and body fat increase before a life-threatening illness. The months of guilt for avoiding studying before a failed test.

Snoozing Life's Wake-Up Calls

Yet, you rarely listen to them.

You blame your partner for the constant fighting instead of taking responsibility for the problems in your relationship. You stick to comfortable but unhealthy habits instead of replacing them with healthier ones, and you party with friends instead of studying.

Instead of heading the lessons of your wake-up calls, you snooze them.

This is normal for most people.

Most people blame their partner for ruining their relationship. Most people eat unhealthy foods, and most students party instead of studying for their tests.

The Courage to Listen to Life's Wake-Up Calls

Thus, listening to wakeup-calls requires tremendous courage.

It requires you to take responsibility for the problems in your relationship instead of blaming your partner. It requires you to make a real effort to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, and it requires you to accept the teasing remarks of your fellow students for spending time studying instead of partying.

Most people aren't that courageous.

But you can be.

How to Listen to Life's Wake-Up Calls

In the next fight with your partner, take responsibility for a tiny thing you contributed to the problem you two discussed. The next time you want to grab a pack of chips, eat a healthy snack instead and the next time your friends ask you to party, tell them you're coming an hour later and spend that hour studying instead.

Every time you listen to life's wake-up calls, it will become a bit easier, and when you do, you'll become a little more courageous. Combined, these two developments can make heeding life's wake-up calls your normal behavior. Given enough time, listening to them will be easier for you than trying to ignore them. Instead of ignoring life's wake-up calls, you'll ignore the snooze button you were so used to.

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