Knowledge Must Lead to Action
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Knowledge Must Lead to Action

Knowledge is only valuable when it leads to taking action on an idea.
-Maria Aldrey[1]

We have more access to knowledge than ever before.

What once was the library of Alexandria is now at our fingertips thousand fold.

We can read any book, listen to any podcast and watch any movie we want with the click of a button and at menial cost.

But knowledge is not the same as wisdom.

Knowledge is knowing.
Wisdom is doing.

We don’t admire wise men for their knowledge.

We admire them for their actions.

In your journey towards a more meaningful life, let this guide you. Look for information that facilitates action. Don’t get lost in the ocean of information or in the pursuit of more knowledge.

Knowledge in itself won’t help you.

Only right action will.

  1. Maria Aldrey, How to Build a Second brain in Notion. ↩︎

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