The Strange But Wonderful Companion Of Your Life
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The Strange But Wonderful Companion Of Your Life

You have a companion in your life that is there for you regardless of what you do.

It’s there for you when you fail, when you need guidance and when you need to belong. It has the patience and goodwill to give you a second chance when you need one. Often it gives you a third and fourth chance, too. It even stays on your side when you don’t feel like you deserve it. No friend or acquaintance would put up with everything your companion puts up with. Year-in, year out, it sees you at your best and worst, but regardless of what happens, it’s still there for you.

Most surprisingly, its goodwill is not based on who you are, what you accomplish and what you say. It’s based on something you never had control over: your birth.

This strange but wonderful companion is your family.

You never chose it, and it didn’t choose you either. It never knew who you would be, how you would behave or who you would become. But, for some reason, none of it matters. It’s there for you regardless.

And that’s strange but wonderful, indeed.[1]

  1. The chapter "Family" in the book "The Meaning of Life" by The School of Life inspired this post. ↩︎

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