On Mentors
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On Mentors

When we think of mentors we think of wise sages or highly successful people.

But mentors don’t have to be people, nor do we need to talk to them.

We can learn from people who are where we want to be. We can find personal mentors. But we can also learn from our idols and seek guidance through reading and listening.

If I have a question, I look up what Jocko Willink, Gary Vee, or Jordan Peterson have to say about it.
If I look for solutions, I consult books, podcasts, and blogs.
If I feel stuck, I talk to people who I feel close to.

I think of all of these as mentors.

This opens up many different sources of learning, some of which are more than 2000 years old. I can enter a critical dialogue with Socrates, understand my mind better by listening to a lecture by Jordan Peterson or bounce ideas off of people who are close to me.

If you shift your perspective, you can find mentors in unsuspecting places.

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